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Cutting Tools

We offer a massive range of Cutting Tools which have their distinct uses in different industrial purposes. The wide range of products includes Side & Face Cutters, Gear Shaving Cutters and Master Gears. The Gear Cutting Tools are manufactured in the latest technology ensuring high level performance. Premium quality raw materials are used which make the products long lasting. Besides being a reputed manufacturer, we are a globally acclaimed Exporter and among the prominent Suppliers of the best quality Cutting Tools.

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Gear Shaper Cutters

SHB Manufacture Gear Shaper Cutters in Module, DP and CP series. Spur as well as Helical Shaper Cutters can be supplied in Disc, Hub and Shank Type Varieties. Material used is generally AISI M35 Grade and accuracies are as per DIN-1829 Standard Class and Class. Profile modifications including Chamfer, Semi-Topping, Topping ,


Chain Sprocket Hobs

SHB Manufacture Roller Chain Sprocket Hobs in Class ‘A’ and Class ‘AA’ accuracies in profiles conforming to BIS, BS, DIN, ASA and JIS specifications with pitches ranging from 5 mm to 75 mm.

These Hobs are offered with Topping & Non-Topping profiles.



Spline Hobs

SHB Manufacture Spline Hobs to standard as well as to specific requirements of the user for Straight Sided as well as Involute Splines in Class ‘A’ and Class ‘AA’ accuracies with following features:

  • With lugs without chamfer
  • Without lugs without chamfer
  • With lugs and

Timing Pulley Hobs

SHB Manufacture Timing Pulley Hobs in Class ‘A’ and Class ‘AA’ accuracies for timing pulleys with straight sided or involute teeth for Rubber Timing Belt Pulleys, Polyurethane Metric Timing Belt Pulleys, HTD and STD profiles. The Hobs can be supplied in pitches ranging from 2.032 mm or 1/5” to 20 mm or


Worm Hobs

Manufactured generally to customers drawing and specifications in topping and non-topping forms shank (worm gear). Hobs can be supplied in machine relieved as well as in ground relieved forms. These cutters can be supplied in single and multi start pitches as per requirements of the user. Maximum length of the cutter (including shank)


Gear Shaving Cutters
Manufacturing of Gear Shaving Cutters such as Conventional, Diagonal, Underpass and Plungecut is being undertaken by SHB. Resharpening of Indigenous as well as Imported Cutters is also been carried out.

Manufacturing as well as Resharpening of shaving cutters is being carried out on CNC Gear Shaving Cutter Grinding

Master Gears

SHB Manufacture Spur & Helical Master Gears as per customer’s requirement for composite double or single Flank / Profile Checking. Master Gears are manufactured out of best quality imported material to ensure longest possible tool life. Master Gears are supplied generally in Class 3 or Class 4 accuracies of DIN 3962.


Gear Chamfering Cutters

SHB manufacture Gear Chamfering Cutters to chamfer the flank edges of spur and Helical Gears. The Chamfering operation prevents edge distortion during Heat Treatment and protects the profile during handling.

Chamfering Cutters are mainly used for Chamfering of Gears by Automobile Industry. These Cutters can


Gear Deburring Cutters

SHB manufacture Gear Deburring Cutters to remove burrs formed during teeth cutting and chamfering operation. These cutters are used in conjunction with Gear Chamfering Cutters.

Material used is mainly HSS M-2.

Gear Deburring Cutters for Samputernsilli Machines can be manufactured in standard form as well as to the specific


Push & Pull Type Broaches
SHB Manufacture Push & Pull Type Broaches in HSS (M2).

Grade Steel in following profiles :
  • Spline Broaches
    • Straight Sided
    • Involute
    • Serrations
    • Trapezoidal
  • Internal Hole Broaches
    • Square
    • Round
    • Rectangular, Hexagonal
    • Irregular Shapes

Side & Face Cutters

SHB Manufacture Straight Teeth & Staggered Teeth Side & Face Cutters in HSS M-2 & M-35 material as per BS-122-1-1953 and IS : 6308-1982.


Metal Slitting Saw
SHB Manufacture Metal Slitting Saw in Coarse and Fine Teeth with or without keyways as per IS: 5031 and BS-122-Part-1. The Metal Slitting Saw can be supplied in diameters 2â or 50mm to 12â or 300mm and Thickness 0.5 to 6mm. The material used is HSS M-2 and M-35.

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